Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seaside Session: Snowy Egret + Royal Tern + Sandpipers + Pelicans!

Pin It I know I've mentioned a few times that I took a lot of photos while in Florida...and on this particular trip, I fell in love with some of the cutest, most beautiful birds!  Seagulls, Royal Terns, brown pelicans, and the ever elegant Snowy Egret.  Here are some more photos from our seaside session. 

Mr. Serious Snowy Egret!  All business!

Soon he was testing the water, and posing in front of a local resort across the bay. 

And then he began to frolic in the water!  One of my favorites! I love his fluffy mane!

I turned around and saw my other feathered friend watching and waiting 
for his turn (Royal pun intended!) in front of the camera. 

And it wouldn't be a perfect day at the beach without these adorable little Sandpipers
They are so quick and nimble.  And check out their balancing skills!

A feathered face off!

 The 4 Amigos!

Who knew that these birds would enjoy having their photo taken!
Have a great day!
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