Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Engagement: Leah + Daniel

Pin It After waking up bright and early for their engagement session, we met up again for a few more.  This time, these two endured high heat, humidity, and bugs...must be their love and sweetness that attracted so many mosquitoes!  In fact, I'm quite sure of it!  Leah and Daniel, thank you so much for sharing your evening with me, I had a blast!  Here are a few of my favorites from your session...including one that I accidentally forgot for their Sneak Peek

Hi Daniel!

Hello Leah!

Love love LOVE these two!

And this one!  Leah loves shoes, and has quite a collection...and I love to shoot shoes, 
so I think we make a fabulous team!  :)

Fierce!  Love it!

I love the way Leah looks at Daniel...and it's obvious that he loves it too.

Another favorite! (Yes, I am allowed to have more than one...or five!)

You are gorgeous, Leah! 

Rrrrring, rrrring, rrrring...j.crew called...they are looking for two smitten models.

Seriously, isn't this couple beautiful?!

L + D...you make my job so easy! 

Another perfume advertisement, in my oh so humble opinion. 

I've lost track...another favorite!

We flew to Italy for this one...just kidding!  But doesn't it feel like Italy? Ciao!

Sweet.  So sweet.


Next stop?  Hawaii!  Well, ok, we didn't go to Hawaii either, but it sure felt like it. That's where these two will be off to for their honeymoon!  My offer still stands to accompany you to the islands!  ;)

And another favorite...I think this one tops the heat index for the day. Oh yes!

Leah and Daniel, you two are just amazing.  You complement each other so well, 
and your love is palpable.  So so SO excited for September!  
(Oh, and I'm so excited to show you the rest of your images too!)
Together they conquered the heat, the humidity, and the insane insects! 
Please leave some comment love for these two! 
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding: Molly + Carl

Pin It It often seems that little girls dream of marrying their Prince Charming on a sunny summer day in June.  After all, summer boasts beautiful botanicals, blossoming trees, gentle breezes, and romance.  Now it was time for this young woman's dream to come true.  Although this particular summer day began with drops of rain and a misty haze, as the time drew near for Molly and Carl to promise forever to each other, the sun broke through the clouds and blue skies were seen for miles and miles.  A beautiful day for this beautiful bride and her Prince Charming was nothing short of amazing.  Their family and friends smiled warm smiles and shed happy tears for their loved ones in a stunning church on a sunny summer day in June. 
The wedding gown!  Delicate beading and shimmery thread, so beautiful!

Molly, what gorgeous lashes you have! 

A lovely chair, some soft light, and a classic bridal bouquet...perfection.

Time for the gown!

Molly's hair stylist made sure her veil was secure - she hand-stitched it to her tiara! Awesome!
Molly, you are stunning!  My favorite!

In the moment, realizing today is her wedding day! Mother of the Bride and her Maid of Honor and cousin, Amy, assist with last minute details.

Perfectly soft light filled the bridal room. 

Meanwhile, the guys are becoming quite dapper!

I think it's Carl's blue eyes and shy smile that melted Molly's heart...and his wit, of course!  
He is a character! But he has a serious side too.  And I love it.

Molly and her Grandmother before the ceremony.

The rings!

In the key of love.

So I couldn't help myself with the rings...can you blame me? ;)

Molly and Carl opted to see each other prior to the ceremony for some family portraits.
And a little pre-wedding sweetness!

As you'll see, Christ Lutheran Church is absolutely stunning and has 
an abundance of natural light, which I love. 

I loved how the light fell on the piano.

It's go time!

Molly's Aunt Linda played the organ and the piano 
for the ceremony, what a wonderful and personal touch!

Isn't this church amazing?  So many intricate details and textures! 
And did I mention the yummy natural light? :)

One detail not to be missed is the 3 crosses.  By design, strategically placed lights create 2 shadows behind the wooden cross. 

Sooo sweet!

Just after lighting their unity candle, they signed their marriage certificate.


The Cake! 

Best Man, Jacob, signs the guest book. 

The Maid of Honor toasts her cousin and her new husband. 

After changing into some more comfortable clothes, after all it was indeed a hot, summer day in June, the bride and groom cut the cake.

Then they departed, hand in hand, through a sea of bubbles and wishes from family and friends.

Three dear friends of the family carefully saved the top of the cake for the newlyweds to enjoy later.

Molly's bridesmaid and dear friend, Rebecca, with Amy, the Maid of Honor.

I just love their round bouquets!

All was right in the world on a sunny summer day in June, their sunny summer day in June.

Best wishes to you, Molly and Carl!  
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your Big Day with you and your family!  
I can't wait for you to see the rest of your images!
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