Friday, July 31, 2015

The Thought That Counts | New! Stewart Imagery Gift Certificates

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It's the last day of July, and I've already heard Christmas music playing in one restaurant!  I saw a post on social media that there are only 5 more months of shopping until the holidays!  Each year, I vow to get as much shopping done ahead of time as possible!  My husband is the best gift giver!  He always has the perfect idea to make the recipient feel loved and cherished.  He's one of those people that can find that wonderful something that has meaning.  Now there are times when I find that something for someone and just know that they will love it…and other times, I'm searching the aisles, in a favorite store or online, feeling the pressure of finding a hidden treasure!  Well, I'm hoping I can be of help to someone out there, for the holidays or any special occasion!  Stewart Imagery now offers newly designed gift certificates!  Need a gift in a pinch?  Ask about our unique gifting options!  We're happy to help!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Meet Sylvia + Hello Beautiful!

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A few years ago, I met sweet Sylvia through an externship, and we've remained in contact ever since.  And I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her and her newest passion!  We met up a few weeks ago to capture this exciting venture she's been dreaming of for some time!  Sylvia is one of those people that you instantly adore, and her warmth, happiness, and genuine heart radiates brightly from the inside out.  And she is just as beautiful on the outside!  No doubt Sylvia has been celebrating all week, as her online store, Hello Beautiful!, just launched this past weekend!  Keep reading to learn all about what inspires her and her oh so gorgeous products!  Sylvia, congratulations on pursuing your dreams!!! 

Meet the sweet, beautiful, and inspirational Sylvia!

Stewart Imagery: What inspired you to create your beauty products?  How did you get started?
Hello Beautiful!: My initial journey for creating my products started with prayer because I wanted to communicate to every woman that they have innate beauty ordained by God. I wanted to create products that accentuated that beauty no matter the shade of skin.

SI: What is the name of your product line?
HB: I named my product line Hello Beautiful!, a phrase that I believe describes every woman. The goal of Hello Beautiful! is to remind women of their innate God-given beauty while also providing products that complement their skin tones.

SI: Do you have a website that you'd like to share?
HB: My store is at:, and I am also on Instagram @hellobeautifulstore!

Love these!

SI: What is your favorite product that you offer?  Why is it your favorite? 
HB: I think all of my products have unique attributes that I love! For women who want an anti-aging product Hello Beautiful! Lipsticks include organic sencha green tea oil and avocado oil, both of which are high in antioxidants and vitamins that prevent skin-aging. My Hello Beautiful! Pearl Lip balm is a clear multifunctional formula— it can be applied under my lipsticks for extra hydration or dabbed on dry facial skin to moisturize and heal.

SI: What makes your products unique?
HB: Many cosmetics are toxic. The proof is in the studies that have revealed cosmetics like lipstick to be a chemical melting pot of lead, dangerous metals, and hormone disrupters (Source). Hello Beautiful! products are made with organic ingredients like organic sencha green tea oil, organic shea butter, and organic calendula flower oil. My products are not tested on animals, are lead-free, and do not contain nano-particles. 
You can also mix Hello Beautiful! Lipstick colors together to make new colors like brick red, red violet, and russet red orange.

SI: Do you have plans for future products that you'd like to share a little bit about? 
HB: I am planning to release another skin product that can help with rashes, irritations, and even burns that commonly affect the skin. My skin is prone to rashes, so I know what it feels like to need a product made with organic ingredients to solve the problem quickly.


SI: Your packaging is stunning!  What inspired you in designing and creating it?
HB: Thank you! Black and gold is classy and sleek— which is exactly how I want my customers to view their Hello Beautiful! products. Each lipstick is named after the jewel that pertains to its color. The oval tubes help with application by providing a wide width for the broad parts of the lips and narrow ends for outlining the sides of the mouth.

Ohhhh, Sylvia, you have THE best smile!

SI: What is the best advice that you've received while starting your business?
HB: Keep moving forward and do so with help. Keep people in your corner who will cheer you on, but will also be truthful with you and tell you if something isn’t working. I have my family to thank for constantly encouraging me and giving me excellent advice.

SI: What advice would you offer others who have dreams of starting and pursuing their passion?
HB: Go for it! Now is the opportune time. As C.S. Lewis said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

SI: Please feel free to share anything else that you'd like potential customers to know about you and your products!
HB: I am now taking requests for custom orders for showers, parties, and events. If you would like to have a Hello Beautiful! product party hosted or if you have questions about custom orders, please contact me at

Sylvia, what an honor it has been to work with you!  Thank you for sharing your truly beautiful story with me!  Wishing you a bright and fulfilling future as you launch Hello Beautiful!   

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bowditch Point Park | A Fort Myers Beach Wedding | Kathy + Mike

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I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this next wedding with you!  Kathy and Mike are the sweetest couple, and they had such a beautifully perfect seaside wedding celebration!  It's summer, and in Fort Myers Beach, that means temperatures in the mid-high 90s and humidity!  This combination often brings with it some powerful storms, however, as love and luck would have it for these two and their wedding day, it was just amazing!  The skies were clear and provided a soft and sweet light for the beach ceremony, as well as for all of their bride and groom portraits!  I was in photography heaven, and couldn't have asked for more on this June afternoon!  Kathy and Mike, what an honor it was to document your first day as husband and wife!  And in such a beautiful and meaningful place!  I have so many favorites from your day, it was hard to choose for the blog!  I am so happy for the two of you, and wish you a lifetime of love and laughter together!

Kathy found the perfect beach wedding gown!  I loved the delicate, flowing layers! 
And don't you just adore her bouquet?! 

Mike was so relaxed and cool as a cucumber for his groom portraits!

Meanwhile, Kathy put on her jewelry and prepared for their First Look.
Kathy, you looked so beautiful!  Just stunning!

I loved watching Mike as he watched his Bride pin on his boutonniere!

I love when couples opt for a First Look!  We were able to get some lovely portraits on the gorgeous grounds of their condo before heading to the ceremony.  

It was a breezy day, which was welcome considering the summer heat. 


Then it was time to travel to Bowditch Point Park for the ceremony!  

Kathy and Mike wanted to keep their guests happy and cool!  
Loved these beach buckets filled with ice water, a personalized fan, and sunglasses!

Beach Goddess Bride!  So beautiful, Kathy!

Kathy's son, Tom, walked her down the aisle.


Mike with his two best men, his son, Logan, and his brother, Reggie.  Handsome guys!

Family and friends traveled from near and far to celebrate!  Our Aunt Sally calls Fort Myers home, while others came from Indiana and Pennsylvania.

And I had to get a portrait of the officiant, a dear friend of the bride…Debbie and her husband were going to be celebrating their wedding anniversary soon!

As guests made their way to the reception, I had the honor of photographing the happy newlyweds! 

Bowditch Point Park had abundant palm trees and other tropical foliage, 
providing a perfect location for wedding portraits!

What a gorgeous couple!

When scouting for portrait locations prior to the wedding day, I was absolutely giddy when I found this little grove of trees and lush greenery!  I love this whole series!

Another favorite!

The reception and dinner took place at a wonderfully delicious local restaurant, Fresh Catch Bistro.  It was the perfect venue for an intimate dinner with family and friends with views of the beach.

And as if the day couldn't be any more wonderful, we had this amazing sunset on the beach for some sweet and romantic portraits!  

These two smiled all day! 
What a joy it was to witness and capture their love and happiness for each other!

Ahhh! I could have photographed them all night in this glowing sunset light!

Favorite, favorite, favorite! 

Once back inside, it was time to cut the cake! 

The evening ended with a colorful night sky and some rain, you know, for good luck.  ;)

Kathy and Mike, I hope your wedding day was everything you dreamed of and more!  Thank you for choosing me to document your special day, I loved every minute of it!  And thank you for making time for so many portraits!  What a perfect day it was!  Wishing you all the best as you walk hand in hand on sandy beaches and beyond!  Congratulations to you, Mr. + Mrs. Stewart!!! xoxo

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