Saturday, September 14, 2013

Remington is 1!

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This Sunday, our sweet little boy, Remington will be 1!  It seems almost like yesterday that we held him for the first time at the hospital, brought him home, and became a family of 3!  Time has flown by since then, and I can hardly believe that my baby boy will be 1!  The past few weeks have been a bit emotional for me, I think because he's been this tiny being who needs his Mommy and Daddy for everything.  And now he's becoming a bit more independent.  He's thiiiiiiis close to walking.  We count 6 teeth in his little mouth, with more on the way.  I've been rocking him longer before naps and bedtime, just to soak in those precious moments of cuddling, little giggles, and nuzzles into my lap. I will always treasure these fleeting moments.  The way he waves and smiles at others around him, in turn making them smile and coo - whether it be in church on Sunday mornings, in the produce aisle at the grocery store, and just walking down the street in our town - makes me burst at the seams with pride.  I don't think I could have ever imagined just how much joy he brings to this world.  I'm so lucky and beyond blessed to be his Mommy.  And just like that, I'm in a pile of tears thinking about it all!  So this is what it feels like to be a Mom, to love a child so deeply, to feel complete.  Before Remington came into our lives, other parents would tell me this and try to explain it, to somehow put into words the profound experience that is called parenthood.  Pretty amazing stuff.  Definitely amazing stuff.  

We've been preparing for a party to celebrate his big day with family and friends...which reminds me I still have some last-minute items to finish up!  A little grocery shopping.  A little painting.  Choosing a birthday gift.  Yikes!  I didn't want to go crazy (who doesn't love all the totally fabulous ideas on Pinterest!), but I do want to make it a special occasion.  After all, I hear the first birthday party is more for us parents anyway.  Plus, this may be the only birthday party where I get a say in the theme, right?!  While I do plan to take some photos, I want to just watch him enjoy the company of family and friends and soak it all in.  His 1 year session will take place soon after the party!  Be sure to stay tuned for that!  Until then, here is a small collection of some of my favorite images of my son over the past 11.99 months!
Remington, we love you so very much!  You fill our days with smiles and laughs and sweet moments too.  Wishing you a Happy 1st Birthday with love!  xoxo, Mommy + Daddy + Lucy + Lola

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Joe + Stacy + Raegan

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We had an absolutely delightful summer morning for this adorable baby girl and her proud parents'  family session!  Meet sweet Raegan, who just celebrated her first birthday a few weeks ago!  It was the perfect day to celebrate this important milestone!  Joe and Stacy are beyond smitten with their beautiful daughter, and you'll certainly see why as you scroll through some favorites below!  Our session was flooded with soft light, colorful locations, a giant pink balloon, a hot pink cake, the sweetest family, and some of the most beautiful blue eyes ever!  Friends and family can view their entire online gallery here.  Without further adieu, please welcome this gorgeous family to the blog!

Hi there, Raegan!

I had to include an early favorite, which was their Sneak Peek on Facebook!

Ahhh, those gorgeous blue eyes!!!

Proud Daddy.

I love this series of Stacy and Joe so much, I couldn't pick just one or two! 


Raegan, you are way too cute!!!

She was sooo excited to have this giant pink balloon!  

Another favorite!

Check out Raegan's sparkly blue TOMS!

You two are so cute!


Time for cake!!!

Favorites, all of these!  I just love her little hands!

Birthday Girl!

Sweet little pink fingers!

Joe, Stacy, and Raegan, thank you so much for such a fantastically sweet and fun session!  
Raegan is just a doll!  You guys radiate pure joy, and it was truly an honor to capture it with my camera! 
See you soon!

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Friday, September 6, 2013

John + Lana + Harrison + Louree + Greer + Parker

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This family has been a favorite of many who have visited my blog!  Time has flown by since our last session, and now Harrison and Louree are off to their favorite universities!  It was such a blast reconnecting with them as we wandered around downtown Noblesville, and later around Mustard Seed Gardens, for their session.  We had such a perfect evening for photos!  A beautiful blue sky, cool temperatures - especially for August in the Midwest! - and lovely light!  Let's get right to some favorites!  Friends and family can view their entire online gallery here!  (Link coming soon!)

Such a good looking group!

Lana and John, you two are so cute! 
A favorite!

One proud dad and his lovely girls!

Love this one!

 Another favorite!

Hi there, Parker!  So pretty!!!

Gorgeous Greer!  

Ahh!  You guys are sooo beautiful!  More favorites!


 The ever handsome Harrison.

Best wishes for a great year at IU and BSU!  

John, Lana, Harrison, Louree, Greer, and Parker!!! Thank you so much for such a fun evening!  It was so refreshing to witness a loving, easy-going, happy family!  Can't wait to see you all again! 

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