Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Sweet Family | Awaiting the Arrival of Baby #2

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It seems like just yesterday that we learned we were expecting Baby #2!  And then we found out he would be a boy!  Our hospital bag is (mostly) packed, the nursery is (mostly) complete (photos to come soon!), and our Christmas shopping is…you guessed it, mostly wrapped up!  Oh, which reminds me that I should probably wrap all the gifts too!  We had a lovely evening in October for our family portraits and maternity photos, thanks to the help of my parents and Reggie!  I have to thank my dear sweet friend, Julia, for making me look and feel beautiful with her makeup talents!  And a big thank you to my sweet and talented floral design friend, Linda, for making the perfect crown for me to wear!  I have to admit that I wore it out to dinner afterward…and I didn't want to take it off!  I am so blessed with creative, talented, and kind-hearted friends and colleagues!  We are beyond excited to meet our newest family member, and can hardly believe that we'll be a family of four any day now!

Remington is going to be a wonderful big brother, we just know it!  We've been talking about how special of a role it will be every chance we get!  

Since my busy fall season closed, I've enjoyed spending extra quality time with my handsome little guy.  We've gone to classes at the library, watched his favorite movies, like Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2 over and over and over!  I've taken naps with him and recently built a gingerbread house together!  Next on our list is to bake cookies for Santa Claus!

The past few months have brought about several changes for Remington.  He's moved up to the 3 year old class at school, he's moved into a big boy bed, and shown more interest in potty training.  He's got one heck of a vocabulary, which continues to impress us daily.  And he's quite a character, especially when he plays with his toys using different voices as they interact!  
We love you to pieces, Remington!!!

I had to get a few portraits of my handsome husband.  Reggie is a wonderful father.  He's loving, patient, generous, helpful…and he can make us all laugh like no one else!

Usually I'm the one behind the camera, and this particular evening, I was pretty excited to hand it over to Reggie for some photos!  Here I am at 29 weeks!

We still had lovely evening light, and I had to get some more photos of my handsome guys!  
I love this one of Remington!

Giant fall leaves!

Remington loves to climb and ride on Daddy's back!  
Especially at home with Lucy chasing them around!  

My loves!

Now I'm 38 weeks and feeling pretty good!  It's been great to have a little break to wrap up client work, to prepare the nursery, and to get some extra rest when possible.   I'm excited to share nursery photos soon, as well as newborn/family photos, and many client sessions to come here on the blog during my maternity leave!  Thank you all for your support and well wishes for our growing family!  
You're the best!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Senior | Class of 2016 | David

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Oh what a perfect day we had for David's senior session!  It was so wonderful to see him and his family again…and to meet his sweetheart of a girlfriend, Allie!  We ventured to a beautifully landscaped area, visited the very baseball field where David played baseball growing up, and wrapped up the day at his high school where he runs cross country.  Although the day started out a bit on the cloudy side, the sun peeked out at the best times throughout the session, making for one happy photographer and for warm and glowing images!  I have so many favorites from the day!  Let's get right to them!

David has such a great smile!  I don't think he stopped smiling for 
more than a few seconds the entire time!  Love it!

A favorite!

These two!!!  I had so much fun photographing David and Allie together!  They attend different schools, however, they share a love of running and spending time with family and friends.  And they are completely adorable!

See what I mean?!  So cute!

Aside from his love of running, painting, and drawing, David's also quite spiritual.  He brought along the Bible that belonged to his late Grandmother.  


It was so difficult to choose just one from this next series!  
Luckily, it's my blog so I can share a few!  ;)

He brought along a few hats from his collection.  

Then this happened and I love it!  A favorite of these two!

We arrived at our last location of the day, and before I knew it, David had scaled the tree!  
Another favorite!

Once David's dad found this old gardening tool, we knew we had to use it!  It took a few frames for these two to be so serious.  Our version of American Gothic.  I think they nailed it! 

David, thank you so much for the honor and sheer joy and fun of capturing your senior portraits!  It was so great to see your family again and to meet Allie!  I love how much you smile and just truly enjoy life, it's so refreshing and contagious!  Wishing you an amazing senior year!  You've got a brilliant and promising future ahead of you!  Thanks again for everything!

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