Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak Peek! Family: Kyle + Amy + Jacob

Pin It I had the sheer pleasure of working with yet another beautiful family at my fall Mini-Session! Kyle, Amy, and Jacob, you guys are so much fun! I love how you love each other and enjoy each moment together. Thank you for braving the cold with me, I hope you enjoy your Sneak Peek!

Hello, Jacob!

A favorite!

Enjoying the scenery

On the hayride to the pumpkin patch...another favorite!

Jacob, you are too cute!


So happy to see you guys again!
Your full gallery will be sent to you very soon!
Thanks for being a part of my special event!
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Sneak Peek! Family: Darren + Paula + Mitchell + Gwen

Pin It Another fantastic family from my Special Event at Stonycreek Farms! This handsome young man, Mitchell, first made me smile a few months ago...well, now he's a little taller, with the same zest for life and sparkling blue eyes. Mitchell's Grandmother Gwen joined us - there are some special photos waiting for you!!! Here is your Sneak Peek!

Did you know there's a difference between hay and straw?
I did not...until Mitchell told me so!

Mitchell, your eyes just sparkle!

A favorite!

Fun in the pumpkin patch!

He found a keeper!

Happiness is contagious, in the best way!

Thank you for sharing your afternoon with me! You guys rock!
And your full gallery will be sent to you very soon!
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Sneak Peek! Family: Matt + Lindsay + Avery + Piper

Pin It You may remember this fun family from last year...well, I'm so glad they are making another appearance on my blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of my Special Event! You always have a warm smile and lots of laughs to share, it's infectious, and I simply love it! Matt, Lindsay, Avery, and Piper, enjoy your Sneak Peek!

One of my favorites!

Reach, Piper!

Playing in the mums

So sweet!

Avery, I love your spirit and energy!
Thanks for reminding me about cheesy pinecones. :)

During our session, Piper had taken a little bit of a tumble, and all she wanted
to do was give me a hug. It was precious! Piper, you made my day!

Another favorite!

I can't thank you enough for attending my event!
Your full gallery will be available soon!
Cheesy pinecone goodness, of course!
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Sneak Peek! Family: Kreig + Kristin + Konnor + Kamryn + Logan

Pin It Another cute family from my Special Event featuring fall-themed Mini-Sessions! Meet Kreig, Kristin, Konnor, Kamryn and Logan! Thank you guys so much for spending some time with me - you were troopers! It was definitely a crisp autumn day. Here is your Sneak Peek!

The two of you are adorable, so adorable!

Love this!

Konnor and Kamryn, peas and carrots!

Look at these kids!

Workin' it for the camera...

Making sure I'm catching their family it! ;)

Thanks again, and you'll see your full gallery soon!
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Sneak Peek! Family: Jason + Missy + Grace + Macy

Pin It I am truly blessed for a number of reasons. First, I get to do what I love, and I absolutely love what I do! Second, I get to work with wonderful people! I held a Special Event recently - fall-themed family Mini-Sessions! I'm so pleased with the turnout, and truly appreciate all the support from my wonderful clients and friends. Jason, Missy, Grace and Macy, here is your Sneak Peek!

Macy and Grace

One of my favorites!

Grace, you're beautiful!

And, Macy, you're a doll!

Watch out boys, these girls have gorgeous eyes!


One happy family!

Thanks again for spending some time with me, despite the chilly fall day!
Your full gallery will be sent to you very soon!
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Married: Tricia + Joe

Pin It A few weeks ago, we drove up to the Windy City. Reggie's niece was getting married, and so we ventured north along with Reggie's Mom and brother, Mike, who would be walking Tricia down the aisle the very next day. We arrived sans problem at our hotel and got ready for the rehearsal. As soon as we pulled into the St. Luke's parking lot, I knew it was going to be beautiful. This was one of the most stunning churches I've ever seen! Gorgeous wood-work, colorful stained glass, higher than heaven ceiling, and a perfectly long aisle for our perfectly sweet niece! I took photos just for fun, as she wanted me to enjoy the day with our family. Tricia and Joe, we are so happy for you! Such a beautiful couple, inside and out. Hope you enjoyed Mexico! Here was their Sneak Peek!

Isn't this church absolutely stunning? Now this is an aisle!

The Groom holds the ceremony program with care, just before the nuptial mass begins.

The Bridal Room was perfect for getting ready.

Time for the gown!

Last minute hair and makeup, it's almost time to go!

Gotta love the light streaming through her veil, so soft and beautiful.

After being a bit nervous all day that everything would go smoothly (which it absolutely did!), the Bride is ready...

Love the big grin on Joe's face as they meet at the altar!

The cantor had such a wonderful voice.
Later during the ceremony she sang Ave Maria, that song always gets me,
and this day was no exception!

At last, they exchange vows and rings!
When Tricia said "I Do!", Joe breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Thank you!" It was so cute!

In the Catholic tradition, it is customary to place a bouquet of flowers
at the Statue of the Virgin Mary during the ceremony.
Here, Tricia and Joe made there way to the side of the church and their smiles!

Lighting their Unity Candle

Kiss the Bride!


Stunning red roses just beg to lie on a piano, don't you think?

There was time between the ceremony and reception so that guests could rest while the bridal party was whisked away for photos around the area.
Yes, yes, here is the cake!

First Dance

Tricia and Joe were so adorable, and all eyes were on them.

Congratulations, Tricia and Joe! Wishing you both the best, and a lifetime of love and laughter! See you soon! xo
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