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Q: How did you come up with the name Stewart Imagery?

A: Great question! Stewart is my last name since marrying the love of my life in 2008, and I knew that I wanted that to be a part of my business name! And I loved how unique Stewart Imagery sounded.

Q: What does your logo mean?

A: I'll be blogging about this very topic soon, but I'm more than happy to answer that now! When choosing my business name and a logo, it was so overwhelming! After doing some extensive research and brainstorming, I wanted to somehow incorporate a peacock into my logo. The symbolism of the peacock resonated with me. It actually has several meanings, however, the one that pulled at my heart had to do with rebirth and renaissance. When I found photography, I fell in love with it right from the start! I was instantly hooked. I devoured as many photography books as I could get my hands on. When I had my camera, I felt alive. Creative. Like I found exactly what I was called to do on this Earth. Before getting into photography full-time, I was doing the same thing day in, day out, from 8-5. I loved the people I worked with, however, my actual work did not get me excited, it didn't make me feel alive, or that I was doing anything that had meaning. With photography and serving my clients, I KNOW I am doing something that has meaning, that has value, and that forges a connection with others. And so the peacock transitioned to a simple and sweet little bird that sits perched on my name, a constant reminder to me to keep this passion, this spirit, this love of photography alive, and to use that energy to best serve my clients!

Q: How do I schedule a portrait session with Stewart Imagery?

A: Just give me a call or send an email letting me know what type of portrait session you're interested in, and we'll get it on the calendar!  All portrait sessions are scheduled to take advantage of the best lighting conditions possible, usually around sunrise or sunset, if we'll be photographing outdoors.

Q: What types of portrait sessions do you offer?

A:  I love photographing kids, families, seniors, people in love, engagements, maternity, and more! 

Q: How do I book a wedding with Stewart Imagery?

A: It's easy! Just give me a call! We'll set up a time to meet in person and to discuss your dream wedding day and all that you envision! I'll bring beautiful leather-bound sample albums, large prints, stunning canvas wraps, and my iPad full of wedding and engagement images for you to see. I love meeting clients in person so that we can get to know each other and cultivate a relationship that lasts well beyond the Big Day. And then it's just a matter of choosing the Wedding Collection that suits your needs as well as any fun extras you may want, such as a Custom Guestbook, Custom Wedding Album, extra coverage, bridal sessions, and more! To secure your wedding date, I do require a signed Contract and 50% Deposit. And then we keep chatting about all of the fun details of your engagement session and upcoming wedding day!

Q: Is Stewart Imagery insured?

A: Yes, of course! Stewart Imagery is fully insured and is more than happy to provide your wedding venue with a Certificate of Insurance if necessary.

Q: What kind of gear do you use? Do you carry back-up equipment?

A: I'm a Nikon photographer! I use professional grade Nikon camera bodies, lenses, and lighting. I have a variety of lenses (primes are my favorite!) to use throughout the course of the day. I currently shoot with the D700, and I have a second D700 and a D90 as a back-up back-up. Like all photographers, I always search for the best lighting conditions, however, there are several situations that call for additional lighting. I do carry lighting equipment, such as flashes and light stands, as well as a reflector. And extra batteries for everything. Lots of extra batteries!

Q: Do you have an assistant or second-shooter?

A: Yes, I do always bring along an assistant and/or second photographer to weddings. They are invaluable! They help in carrying and moving equipment, moving lighting setups, in addition to covering a different angle than what I am covering. I'm extra lucky in that 99% of the time my sweet and talented husband, Reggie, is my right-hand! He is amazing!

Q: Do I get the digital files from my wedding and engagement with my wedding package?

A: Yes! I love sharing images with my couples! With the advancement of technology, I've moved from discs, to DVDs, to custom USBs, to the best image delivery method now available - your own personal downloadable gallery! With a few clicks, all of your engagement and wedding images/files can be saved directly to your computer! And the best part is that they will be safely stored "in the cloud" for you for 10 years! You'll have 24/7 access to your images! I also provide helpful archiving and printing tips. And friends and family will be provided with a link to view and purchase favorite images from a password-protected online gallery!

Q: Do you travel to shoot weddings and portraits outside of the Indianapolis area?

A: Yes, I love to travel! I have had the opportunity to travel to Santa Monica, California for an engagement session, which was amazing! I've also traveled to Columbus, Ohio for a wedding. I would love to capture a wedding in St. Lucia, the vineyards in California, anywhere in Europe, and anywhere tropical for that matter!

Q: Do you include an engagement session with all wedding packages?

A: I do! I truly believe that the engagement session is vital to a wonderful wedding experience with me! During your engagement session, we get to hang out together for a couple of hours, allowing us to really get to know each other! Most couples wish to have an engagement session as part of their wedding experience anyway, so I love to include it with all of my wedding collections! On the wedding day, I've had so many couples tell me that they feel so confident and excited about being photographed because they had the experience of the engagement session. Some even say that they practiced what they learned during their shoot! Love it!

Q: What are your favorite wedding venues?

A: I have so many wedding venues that I have loved working with, and I have a long list that I would love to work with in the future! There are some key elements that I always love to shoot when it comes to wedding venues: amazing architecture, beautiful landscaping, unique features, lush vineyards, rustic barns, natural beauty. I would love to hear about your venue, and what it was that drew you to it!

Q: Can you recommend other wedding vendors who do great work?

A: Of course! I'm happy to share fantastic wedding professionals with whom I've had the pleasure to work, especially for planning and day of coordination, florals, cakes and desserts, furniture and accessory rental, transportation, hair, makeup, invitations, and more! I always ask my couples what I can help them with when we meet to discuss their wedding day!  They are the best at what they do and offer excellent customer service!

Q: Why do you love to shoot weddings?

A : I knew from photographing the bridal preparations at my very first wedding that I love, love, LOVED photographing weddings! I love meeting the bride and groom, hearing their love story, and getting to know who they are as a couple. That enables me to capture their unique story during their engagement session and especially on the wedding day. I love the joy, happiness, and emotions that are part of the day. I love photographing the fine details that the bride so carefully chose to walk down the aisle with: her dress, her jewelry, her perfume, her shoes, her family heirlooms from her Mother or Grandmother's wedding day. She chose them all for a reason…to marry the man of her dreams! And the groom sees all of her beauty right before him, realizing then and there just how incredibly lucky he is! I love the tender moments between the couple and their parents and family members. I love catching the ring bearer yawning during the ceremony - after all his job is very important! I love the way the Father of the Bride hugs her so tight after their spin on the dance floor. I love how the groom's face lights up each and every time he sees his wife that evening. I love seeing two families connect and become one giant family, full of pride and love and joy. Sweet, funny, and sentimental toasts add another layer of closeness between best friends. It's the emotions of the day that I always remember from each wedding. And driving home from each wedding I feel so honored and so lucky to have been the one chosen to capture it all!

Q:   What is your photography style?

A: My photography style is a mix of editorial, photojournalism, and contemporary imagery. I love color, texture, clean lines, and those dreamy blurry backgrounds. I also love dramatic black and white photographs too! As for my shooting style, when working with my couples during their engagement session, I give suggestions and directions, allowing them to make a pose their own. On the wedding day during the ceremony and reception, I capture the day as it unfolds naturally, as a quiet observer. And because of their experience from their engagement session, many brides and grooms relax right into their romantic portrait time, which I love! I'm always ready with ideas to keep things moving and to add variety for the Wedding Album!

Q: Can you help me with planning my wedding day timeline?

A: I'm more than happy to help with the timeline of the day! Most of my couples really want plenty of time for portraits of the two of them, and I love that about my couples! I always love providing tips on getting the most of out of your wedding experience when we meet to discuss your wedding day! If you will be working with a wedding coordinator or day-of coordinator, I'm happy to meet with them to design a plan that perfectly outlines your day!

Q: How soon after the wedding can I expect to see my pictures?

A: I love to post a favorite wedding photo within 1-2 days of the wedding on social media! You can expect your full gallery of carefully edited images to be available within 6-8 weeks after the wedding day.

Q: Do you offer albums and other products?

A: Yes, I do offer Custom Wedding Albums! I also offer Custom Engagement Guestbooks, gallery canvas wraps, note cards, thank you cards, and more! I'd love to chat with you about the perfect way to remember your wedding day for generations to come!  And for my portrait clients, I offer coffee-table style books, accordions/mini-accordions, and more!  Just ask!
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