Thursday, November 25, 2010

Extra Thankful

Pin It Happy Thanksgiving to you!  As the holidays approach, I like to take some quiet time to reflect on my life and life in general.  And to use my blog as a means of recording my reflections.  I've had such a great year, and so this Thanksgiving, I'm making it a point to be extra thankful.  For my amazing husband.  Reggie, you are my rock, my best friend, my everything.  You push me to grow and learn in ways that I never thought of.  For my family, who supports me, loves me, and encourages me to be the best that I can be.  For the health of all those around me.  For my friends, who are always there with a hug, a smile, and tons of laughs.  For my clients.  I have the best clients!  I have met sooo many wonderful people this past year, and to be able to get a glimpse of your lives means so much to me, whether it be at a wedding, engagement, family, maternity, newborn, or senior session.  I love seeing my clients being themselves, enjoying some time in front of my lens.  Each and every one of you is beautiful, not just because of gorgeous eyes, sparkling smiles, warm embraces...but because you allow yourself to let go, to be in the moment, to make someone laugh, to just be. That is when the magic happens.  And it doesn't end there.  As I go through images, I'm drawn to those moments, and can hardly wait to share them with you, so that you can see what I see.  Not only do I love capturing those moments, I love sharing them, which is a huge part of what I do.  For love. For nature.  For coffee, chocolate, and reality tv.  For all of this I am so very thankful.  Well, I really could do without reality tv, but isn't it entertaining?? Oh, and of course, I am extra thankful for Lola.  I can't forget about sweet little Lola!  ;)

Because a blog post is always better with a picture, here's one that sort of captures how I feel: sparkly and extra thankful.

And I can't resist a Sneak Peek of what's coming soon on the blog...

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!Pin It

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sneak Peek: Engagement: Cyndi + Joe

Pin It Engagement sessions are one of my many favorites to photograph!  I love working with couple who are in love, watching them smile and laugh together, there's just something about it that makes me so happy.  I was very excited when Cyndi contacted me about her engagement photos.  After hearing how she and her fiance, Joe, met, I couldn't wait to work with them!  They are both dedicated business professionals, and love family life.  Joe is in the military as well, and has served in Iraq.  Joe, thank you so very much for your service.  It seemed as their lives were pretty complete, but lacked that one missing piece...a companion, a soul mate, one true love.   They both strive for the same things in life: balance, happiness, honesty.  And as luck would have it, they "clicked" on eHarmony, and I couldn't be happier for both of them! Let's get to their Sneak Peek, shall we?

 I love how Joe makes her smile and laugh.  Adorable!

 Cyndi's daughter, Taylor, joined two are just gorgeous! Joe's son couldn't join us that day...maybe next time! ;)

One of many favorites.  Look how happy they are!

We had such a beautiful day for their session, amazing light and fall color too!

 Some of that amazing light I was referring to...I love a serious portrait. Joe is her rock.

Another favorite! 

More smiles and laughs! Looove it!

Walk this way...

Hold on tight!

Cyndi, you have such a beautiful smile, no doubt something Joe loveloveloves about you. :)

 Seriously smitten. 
P.S. Joe, you have a great smile too! "GO TEAM!"

Joe and Cyndi worked it out for the camera. And I'm so glad they did.


 The bling!  Blue is one of Cyndi's favorite colors...if you look closely you can see the lovely sapphire peeking out from under the diamond.  Sooo pretty!

Ok, this one is one of my all-time favorites...the light, their embrace, their connection. Yessss!

 Have I mentioned how much I love fall this year?  
Add beaming Cyndi + Joe, and you just can't get any better than this!

 Ok, ok, one more fave. Can you blame me?

Cyndi and Joe, you are a beautiful couple, thank you so much for spending your afternoon with me! And Taylor, thank you for coming too!  It was so fun to hang out with you guys! Thank you for such a great engagement session!  You absolutely rocked it!!! Talk to you soon!Pin It

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sneak Peek: Senior: Charlotte

Pin It Senior Sessions are so much fun, I just love them!  I've met some fantastic young people this year, who proudly represent the Class of 2011, and this next one is no exception.  To describe this senior, Charlotte, in a word...beautiful.  She is absolutely beautiful!  Inside and out.  She's fun, full of spirit, down to earth, determined, athletic, fashionable, intelligent...I could go on and on.  I'll let the following images do the talking! ;)

 One of my (many!) favorites from Charlotte's session!

Fierce! (In the best possible way, of course.)

While getting to know Charlotte, I learned that she loves hanging out with friends, reading, listening to all kinds of music, writing, drawing and painting. 

I clearly remember screaming with excitement while 
taking this one, probably exclaiming something like, "Charlotte, are you kidding me?!?!"
Clearly, she was not kidding. At all!  I told you she was beautiful!
Another favorite...clearly. :)

During the session, I would show Charlotte and her Mom some images.  I think we would all agree these next two are 'so Charlotte!'  Love them!

Such a natural beauty, seriously.
Another favorite.

Love this one!

 Despite the cold and wind, Charlotte rocked it out!

Charlotte is a lacrosse player, so naturally we wanted to incorporate this part of her life. I know it's a tough sport, so I really admire you, Charlotte!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Charlotte, for spending the afternoon with me!  What a fun session! You have so much going for you, and I'm so excited to see what the future holds for you!
Best wishes and enjoy your Senior year!
P.S. A big thank you to Charlotte's Mom and to my Mom for all their help! Moms are the best! :)

Make-up: Julia Wadsworth , Bobbi Brown Make-up Artist  Thank you, Julia, you are amazing! 
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sneak Peek: Family: Mark + Jenny + Jake + Sam + Lucy

Pin It We have had a fantastically beautiful fall this year in the Midwest!  I met this fun, energetic, happy family on a sunny fall evening for some family photos.  Please welcome Mark, Jenny, Jake, Sam, and Lucy!  What a gorgeous bunch!  And we were surrounded by beauty...horses, colorful leaves, and smiling faces, of course!  

 A favorite!  Mark and Jenny, you two are so cute!

 Two handsome brothers, Sam and Jake.

 Oh my goodness!  Lucy, you are such a doll!

 Hi there, Sam!

 Hello, Jake! 


Ok, ok, I love love this one too.  Seriously adorable trio.  

Mark, Jenny, Jake, Sam, and Lucy, you guys are the best!  
Thank you for such a fun session!  Can't wait to show you the rest of your images!  
More to come soon!
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