Thursday, August 15, 2013

George | Class of 2014

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Meet George, an outstanding member of the Class of 2014!  I had the honor of photographing his brother, Floyd, a few short years ago.  For Floyd's senior session, we had wonderful fall weather.  For George, we had a very hot summer day!  He didn't mind at all!  Well, at least he didn't complain at all!  George is an athlete - he plays football and soccer and wrestles!  Upon graduation, he plans to study computer science.  He's described as intelligent, helpful, dedicated, and a team-player.  Purdue will be so lucky to have him!  George brought along his sweet pup, Bella, for some photos.  She will miss you for sure!  I have so many favorites, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!  Friends and family can view George's entire online gallery here (Coming Soon!).

Starting with a favorite!

George!  You are so good at the quiet, confident smile.  Yesss!

In addition to high temperatures, we had some harsh light, which isn't always a friend to photographers...However, it just worked for these images on the railroad tracks.  

I love everything about this one.  Another favorite!

Bella was so excited to get her photo taken!  She was even more excited to hang out with George!

Bella, you're beautiful! And so sweet! 

I had a hard time choosing images from this next series...that's a good thing!  
George, you rock!

We ventured on to our next location for a few more photos...with Bella!

I love that guys have been incorporating suits into their senior sessions!  They always look so handsome, and it truly adds some variety to their images.  The heat was relentless, even so close to sunset, but you'd never know it with George.  It didn't phase him!
Another favorite!

George, thank you so much for such a fun senior session!  And thank you for handling the heat like a pro!  Like you said, you're used to wearing full football gear and playing in all kinds of weather conditions!  Wishing you the best as you enjoy your senior year!  I have no doubt that great things await you in the future!  Congratulations!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Audrey Sue | 5 days

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Oh just wait until you see this next precious newborn, Audrey Sue, and her amazing family!  They will melt your hearts, just like they did to mine!  This sweet little girl was just 5 days old for her session, and she was such a sweetheart!  She snoozed most of the time, and also showed us her big bright eyes too!  She has an older sister who already thinks the world of her, Miss Ava, who is 2 years old.  They are going to be the best of friends!  Audrey's proud parents, Jason and Jessica, are quite smitten with both of their sweet daughters.  It was a true joy to capture this special time in their home.  Let's get right to some favorites!  Friends and family can view Audrey Sue's entire online gallery here.

Meet Audrey Sue!  Oh my goodness!  A favorite!

Ava watches over baby Audrey.

Sweet little feet!

Sweet sisters! Another favorite!

Ava, you are a doll!

Perfect little foot and toes!

Sooo sleepy! 

Hanging out in Audrey's nursery!  Hi, Ava!

Jessica, you are such a beautiful Mommy!

Isn't Audrey's nursery adorable?! 

Daddy's girls.

Love this!  

I'll end with another favorite.  :)

Jason, Jessica, Ava, and Audrey, thank you so much for allowing me to capture 
this special time in your family!  Audrey Sue is absolutely lovely, just like her Mommy and big sister!  
Congratulations to you again!  See you soon!

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