Friday, December 31, 2010

Family: Matt + Liliana + Megan

Pin It This couple, now a family, holds a special place in my heart!  Last year, I photographed Matt and Liliana's Fountain Square Theatre wedding, and I've haven't been quite the same since.  Their wedding was perfect, full of love, happiness, joy, and excitement.  I had the time of my life photographing it, and I remember quite clearly how I rushed home after their beautiful bubble exit to tell my husband all about my big day, and Matt and Liliana's, of course.  That day proved to me just how much I love what I do, and I knew I wanted to keep on doing it.  And now my first wedding couple has a sweet baby girl, Megan, who is now 4 months old.  And I simply adore her!  Megan, you couldn't ask for two more wonderful parents.  In fact, your Daddy told me how "very sweet and adorable" you were, and he was absolutely right!  Here are some favorites from our afternoon.

Love her little smile here!

Megan is already a big Colts fan!  Go Blue!


Shorty, you are so handsome.

 Have you noticed how Shorty is always looking at the camera?  I think he wants to be A.N.T.C.M. 
That's America's Next Top Canine Model.  I'd vote for him! :)

 Hi there, Megan!


One proud father. He's just beaming. 

 Yes, yes, another favorite.

Liliana, you are a beautiful mom. 

Shorty, you are a sweetheart and a trooper! ;)

 Once Megan put on her cute little tutu and cute little striped socks, she was so happy and excited!

 Loved her striped socks and tutu!

Another favorite!

 Megan, you are adorable!  Just like your Daddy said!

She has long, beautiful baby lashes!

And she loves when her Mommy holds her.

 What a sweet, happy family.  Love these!

Matt, Liliana, and Megan, thank you for sharing your afternoon with me!  And Shorty too, of course!
I'm so happy for you and your amazing family!  Congratulations!
Can't wait to see you again soon!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day After: Cindi + John

Pin It It was a warm early fall afternoon.  Cindi and John arrived with a nervous excitement, similar to how they felt on their wedding day last summer.  They promised to love, honor, and cherish each other on a rainy 4th of July.  And on this day, just like that day, I could feel their connection, only under a bright sunny sky, and I loved it!  We had been planning their Day After session for some time, and I'm so glad we waited for such a gorgeous day!  What a fun excuse to wear a simply gorgeous wedding gown one more time! Cindi and John, thank you for sharing your afternoon with me!  You two are such a perfect pair, so happy and beautiful!  Here are some of my favorites from their Day After session!

I was so excited for the opportunity to photograph Cindi in her beautiful vintage lace gown, remember this photo? Although it had been over a year since their wedding, Cindi's dress was in immaculate condition, and can now be stored away for future generations.

So sweet, so in love.  Perfection.

Fabulous and fierce!  C + J, you guys!!!

Cindi has the most beautiful brown eyes!  And what a great smile!

Check out John's ring finger...pretty cool, right?  His job is such that it's dangerous to wear rings or jewelry of any sort, so he had Cindi's initial tattooed so he'd always have her close to his heart. Aww!!!

I love how they make each other smile. 


A perfectly beautiful afternoon for a perfectly beautiful pair!

A little kiss...

Cindi and John, you two are absolutely adorable together!!!

 Favorite, favorite, favorite!

Cindi, you are gorgeous. Gorgeous!

So beautiful!We had such amazing light for their session.

Cindi and John, you two are so sweet!  
Thanks again for making your Day After session so wonderful and so much fun!
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