Monday, February 1, 2010

Lola's got her game-face on!

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She's got black stripes, razor-sharp claws, soft and fuzzy fur...and a football of her very own. Ok, so maybe the football doesn't belong to her, but I digress. However, she totally owns her game-face!

Bring it!

Ready to Play! She's been studying Peyton's moves.

The Saints better watch out, because Lola is R-E-A-D-Y!
Ready for the Big Game, the Superbowl, baby!

Are you lucky enough to be heading south to Miami? If so, I am so envious!
Please share your excitement with us!
Throwing a party? Invite me, leave a comment with the details! *just kidding! ;)*
Have any game day superstitions that you follow? Share them in the comments!
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Anonymous said...

Lola is so adorable in these pics!!! Great job!!! GO COLTS!!!


Brooke and Brad Arnold said...

Love these, so cute! Too bad we lost! :( I'm so jealous of the FL pictures too! Can I come next time? LOL