Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mason: 18 months

Pin It As you know by now, I'm quite smitten with Miss Mason.  And it's so easy to see why!  Since she was born, I feel like she's grown up right here on my blog. She's always got a smile, a laugh, or a hug to share.  A few weeks ago you saw Mason's Sneak Peek from our time spent in a little garden, watching squirrels scurry from tree to tree on a cloudy afternoon. How about some more from her session?  Yes, please! Coming right up! 

Oh, Mason, what a sweetie! 

Mason absolutely adores her little bunny rabbit - she hugged him all afternoon!

A favorite! 

Walking on a pretty pathway...watching squirrels frolic and play in the distance.
There were several squirrels running around, gathering nuts, and hiding them for winter. 
Mason wanted to befriend one so badly!

 Another favorite!

 Loooove this!

Sweet pink dress, ruffled socks, and little black Mary Janes!

Mason, thanks again for spending the afternoon with me!  It was so fun to watch you run and play!
Can't wait to see you again soon!
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Brooke and Brad Arnold said...

Those are too cute, she is adorable! We might have to fix her and Wes up again sometime! LOL That bunny rabbit does look cuddly too! I want one!

Anonymous said...

These pics are simply ADORABLE!!! She is really a BEAUTIFUL little girl!! GREAT job!!!