Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photography Outing: Holliday Park

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Indianapolis, IN

I had the pleasure of coordinating a photography outing this week. We ventured to Holliday Park. The weather was beautiful, as well as the surroundings. So many great sources of inspiration! Trails perfect for hiking and exploring, streams and ponds, a rock garden nestled in a curved path, a wide overpass complete with graffiti, and, of course, some wildlife. Here are are few of my favorites from the evening.

The Welcoming Committee!

I don't know what kind of flowers these are, but I just love their whimsy!
Here are 3 different takes...

This one is my favorite, I just like how the light filtered through the wispy petals.

Where the path curves...

This was taken under the wide overpass...I then tried my own hand at some "graffiti," only withouth using spray paint in a can.

Self-portrait time!

Leave a comment to let me know your favorite - I love comments! Thank you!
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Denise Karis said...

ooo, I like these a lot! the one with the sun is so cool!

Brooke and Brad Arnold said...

I love the little squirrel, they are all very good!

Jeff said...

My favorite, after much debate, is the last flower picture. I like how the center is off-set and the flower is bigger than the picture. I also liked 'Where that path curves'.